Standing up to power!


eToo, Women’s March, Together for Yes or the Gender Pay Gap have one thing in common.They show the status of women’s emancipation. Sometimes more and sometimes less. The luck we have is that we live in a world where inequality is limited. We were allowed to go to school and were not held back just because we are girls. We were allowed to study what we want. May go wherever we want. We are not forced to marry. It is not determined if and with whom we have sexual intercourse. Nevertheless, there are distances that have to be overcome.

There is a real shift in power.

In the past few years the demand of equality is getting louder and louder. It’s not about emphasizing the imbalance. It’s about making the woman responsible for herself. And I believe that, in addition to self-development, the answer lies in the woman’s finances. After all, power often belongs to those who have the money and especially as women, we just have to get over ourselves and stop believing that more money, financial protection and talking about finances does not belong for women.

For this Reason, we have to care in our 20th and 30th (and of course in the later years). In this day and age, you have to bear the responsibility for your pension, to provide a financial buffer and maybe to become financially independent. Develop yourself, get stronger and reach your goals so you do not have to depend on Prince Charming!

My call: Standing up to power

What i really want to say is, that is not just about the money. But Money is the tool to reach what we want to get, to experience and really want to reach in our live. Money offers us power and freedom in our decisions, careers, families and everything else we want. My blog is just for you, girl! You can be proud that you taking this step. Because only YOU can take the responsibility for YOURSELF. But i will stand by your side. That is the reason my blog is not about „The 7 Steps to Woman Empowerment“ or „10 Steps to Financial Freedom.“ Because it’s about more! It’s about you and about us. About women freedom!

I call myself as a feminist. But often the word „feminist“ is often misunderstood. This is not about hatred of men, loud wild women demanding money or something like that. „The vision of feminism is not a feminine future, it is a human future, without role-constraints and power relations,“ said Johanna Dohnal, Austria’s best-known women’s politician and icon of the Austrian women’s movement, and so is my view: who is in favor of equal rights Gender is feminist. Real men are feminists!

In addition to the increasing supporters of human equality, the calls that feminism is just a public relations stunt and the problems of women in our world are limited by get a smile from a man. This is ridiculous! An example of what i’m talking about: This year was my first time at a financial fair in Germany. In Addition to to bank advisors, asset managers, brokers and service providers from the financial world, there were also private investors there. For me, this fair did not better fulfill the cliché of the world. In my estimation, 85% were men with an average age of 50 years and (less than) 10 – 15% women. Well, for a Friday lunchtime, a time when the rest of the world works, not uncommonly unusual. But I experienced more that day. Intention or not, the feeling you experience as a woman is terrible. A man touched my butt during a lecture. Fear of fright i suddenly got hot incredibly inside my body was shaking and I just wanted to go away. I could not believe what was happening. In retrospect, I was mad at me, I had just expected of me, that I bring this man a reaction. Instead, I left.


What i want:

With this blog I want to give you and every single woman the power she needs and deserves. I want that you reach all your dreams.

STAND: 22.08.2018.